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Constructed / Immortal

Ladder meta

Which decks are currently dominating the Constructed Ladder meta? See the decks that you can expect to face in your ranked matches, as well as the variants of those decks that have been spotted. (Standard Constructed only)

Tournament meta (disabled)

One doesn't play on the on-demand ladder the same way he plays in scheduled tournaments. See the decks and variants that people bring to major tournaments and how they have been performing lately in order to prepare to the next Bash or CCS.


Wonder what your opponent had in his deck? Look at the complete Ladder history right after your match and peek at his deck and reserves, or look at every single deck that's ever been played in the Ladder or in Immortal.

Card performance

See how each card performs in draft, sealed and evo sealed, compared to all other cards in the same format.

Archetype performance

See which shard combinations, archetypes and champions are being played the most and their respective success rate in draft, sealed and evo sealed.


Review entire gauntlet runs and draft pods.

Leaderboard (outdated)

See the top performing players

Server activity

Just how active is PvP these days? Look at trends from the constructed ladder, limited gauntlets, and auction house activity.

Crack a pack

Have a look at the content of a pack from the several tens of thousands that have been opened by players everywhere.


I develop and maintain Hex PvP Tools in an attempt to level the playing field and make sure everybody has access to the same amount of information. All the data displayed here is publically available thanks to Chris Woods' server API, however, accessing that data requires someone with the technical know-how to jump through hoops, creating an artificial barrier where some people might have access to more data than some other. Hex PvP Tools is an attempt to propagate all that information to everybody rather than only those who can setup a listening server.

If you think of a way to display the data that would benefit you or the community, feel free to contact me, and I will do my best effort to add it for the benefit of all.


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