Constructed ladder meta

Decks defining the ladder meta between and   
Wins per day:


Conditions for inclusion

The decks listed here are those that are being played with some consistency over the time period requested. To be listed here, a single variant (meaning with the exact same main deck) must win an average of 4 matches per day (configurable above, more wins will narrow the results down to fewer decks, fewer wins will show more decks) over the time period. Once that threshold is met for a deck, it and all its variants (see below) are summed into a single entry in the table.

Deck variants

A deck is considered as a variant of another deck if it meets the following conditions:
  1. It uses the same champion
  2. It uses the same shards (no splashing)
  3. 75% or more of the cards in the main deck are the same (excluding standard resources)
Reserves and sockets are not considered when looking for variants. The variant that has been played in the most matches (regardless of the win ratio) is considered the main configuration of the deck.