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What is the HPT leaderboard?
The HPT leaderboard is a ranking system for Hex players that partipate in various major and minor tournaments. It is loosely based on the ATP scoring system. Different tournaments have different point values. A player's score is the sum of all the points that player accumulated in tournaments over the past year.
Does a player's score only ever increase? Can I hope to catch up if I just started playing?
Points awarded for a tournament expire after twleve months. Players will gradually lose points if they don't perform as well after a year.
Which tournaments count for the HPT ranking?
At the moment, the following tournaments award points toward a player's HTP ranking: This list is subject to change as new tournaments get added to the game and old ones removed.
How many points are each tournament worth?
Tournaments that cut to a single-elimination top-8 (CCS, HexPrimal Immortal, Platinum Plunder and FiveShards Weekly) have a specific amount of points for the top-8. Ranks 9 and down score points based on the record of the 8th place. All players with the same record as the 8th place get the top-8 point value. Then, players receive a linearly decreasing score based on how many wins they got in the swiss portion of the tournament, down to 2 wins. Records of 1 and 0 wins do not collect points. This system greatly rewards top performers while avoiding to penalize players with similar records that might fall out of the top 8, top 16 or top 32 because of tiebreakers.
Tournament Winner Finalist Top 4 Top 8
Cosmic Crown Showdown 2000 1500 900 450
Platinum Plunder 1800 1350 810 405
Bash (old format) 1200 900 540 270
Clash (old format) 1200 900 540 270
HexPrimal Immortal Championship 1000 750 450 225
FiveShards Weekly 200 150 90 45
FiveShards Finale 400 300 180 90
Fixed duration swiss tournaments (Arcanum Vault, VIP) award points based on record.
Tournament 4 wins 3 wins 2 wins 1 wins
Bash 560 320 140 60
Clash 560 320 140 60
VIP Sealed 100 75 50 25
VIP Constructed 100 75 50 25
Arcanum Vault 60 45 30 15
Immortal Weekly 45 30 15
Fight Night 45 30 15
Singles Night 45 30 15
How often is the leaderboard updated?
As there are several different tournaments with varying schedules, it is hard to automatically and reliably identify a tournament from the API message. Hex will soon add a tournament identifier to the API messages, but until then, triggering the update of the leaderboard has to be a manual process. I will do my best to update the leaderboard on a weekly basis, after the Clash has concluded.
I know I won a tournament and it's not showing up in my profile. When did you start collecting this data?
I can only collect and display the data for tournaments that took place after Hex started providing player names in its data. This happened somewhere around February of 2017, so the data for tournaments before that date is not retreivable. I had manually entered the data for the CCS of January 2017 so this tournament is also included in the data.